Does your home insurance policy include Personal Injury coverage?

by kgibson

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Did you know that pretty much all homeowners have a huge liability exposure that they don’t even think about it…and it’s probably on your phone!  Yep, that Facebook or Twitter or Instagram app that wastes so much of your time could very well cost you a whole bunch of money if your home insurance does not have the proper endorsement.  Read on for more…

The use of social media by adults, children and teenagers today is at an all-time high.  Here are some pretty alarming statistics about their usage of social media and telephones:

  • Children in the 9 to 14 age range have more online connection points than they do in-person connections.
  • The average teen sends and receives 3,700 text messages a month (!!!)
  • 69% of teens communicate with strangers online
  • 52% of high school students have been bullied online
  • 52% of high school students have bullied others online

As you can see, the exposure is greatly increasing, and with that exposure comes the chance for more lawsuits to be filed against you or your family as the result of something a child posted or put online.  There have been a growing number of lawsuits filed for situations where people create a fake online profile about a real individual. These could lead to personal injury lawsuits, like slander, violation of someone’s integrity, or privacy issues.

Under most basic homeowners insurance policy, this is not covered.  So, to be sure that you do have coverage for social media issues, you need to make sure that you have “Personal Injury” coverage added to the home policy.  It used to be said that you need an umbrella policy once your child starts to drive…but  we  also strongly recommend that once your child starts using the computer or social media, you add an umbrella to your portfolio for sure.

Feel free to contact anybody here at Burnette Insurance to discuss this growing exposure and how to best protect yourself and your family!

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